Dave White

Dave White

DevOps & Release Manager

Name:Dave White
Address:Munich, BY, Germany.
An Ancient Release Engineer* with a vast amount of experience in many different and disparate technologies. Specialising in the .Net world, but equally comfortable with many different tool sets and stacks. I'm currently employed, and with no plans to move, but always welcome an excuse to discuss potential change. Hit the contact link... what's to lose?
* Very high level. Can converse with developers and marketeers alike.


2012 - Present

Brainloop AG

Senior Release Engineer

At Brainloop I have overall responsibility for compilation, testing and delivery of our award winning software to our SAAS platforms and select on-premise customers.

2007 - 2012


Owner, Developer and chief coffee-maker

Operating on a freelance web-development basis, I had many satisfied customers in several different countries.

1996 - 2007


Client delivery manager

DevOps before we knew what DevOps really meant! In this position I was reponsible for end-to-end delivery of the AOL UK client software through localisation, build, test, CD mastering, delivery and qualilty control.

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